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  1. Android 1.5 NDK Released! — June 25, 2009
  2. Android sales will outstrip iPhone by 2012 — March 9, 2009
  3. Android Market DRM not safe! — February 28, 2009
  4. Android Market: Developers worried about bad sales — February 28, 2009
  5. SavedState: Preserve data when your Activity is recreated – Part 1 — February 27, 2009

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Jun 25

Android 1.5 NDK Released!

Finally Google Released the NDK, which allows developers to use native code/libraries in their code (programmed in C or C++) which can be used for intense CPU operations such as encoding/decoding or physics. You can download it here. For most Developers this isn’t much interesting, but if you need advanced stuff as implementing your own …

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Mar 09

Android sales will outstrip iPhone by 2012

Market researcher at Informa Telecoms & Media predicted in a new report that Android sales will outstrip iPhone by the year 2012.

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Feb 28

Android Market DRM not safe!

All protected applications are stored inside the /data/app-private folder (which is normally invisible, unless you have root access).
Thanks to Tim over there at strazzere.com for finding this out and making people aware of it! Check out his Android Market DRM busted < 12 hours! post for more details about the very weak DRM protection of the Android Market!

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Feb 28

Android Market: Developers worried about bad sales

reasons developers worry, is about the slow/low sales of their paid applications. One of such worried developers is “Ed Burnette”, author of of “Hello, Android”.
He’s going into an very interesting topics, especially for developers who offer a free and a paid version of their application. One of the main problems he encountered with his paid application is, that he barely got any sales. So he thought, what could be done to change this.

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Feb 27

SavedState: Preserve data when your Activity is recreated – Part 1

Certain events (like low on memory, or configuration change) can lead that your Android application is killed and possibly important data is lost when it’s recreated again. To prevent this, you need to temoprary preserve your important data in SavedStates (onSavedInstanceState and onRestoreInstanceState) and load it when the application is recreated to prevent losing critical data necessary for your application

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Feb 17

How to implement your own Listener in Android/Java

When you’re developing application, there is often a need to create your own controls/widgets/classes or to extend already available ones. And in most cases, you want this control/widget to be as flexible as possible. In order to achieve this, you have to create special events, which can be handled outside of your widget. Some of …

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Feb 14

Implementing Listeners in your Android/Java application

I’ve seen many people asking how to implement Listeners in their applications. Implementing a Listener is quite easy. There are 3 ways to implement an Listener and the have their advantages and disadvantages.

The tree way to implement Listeners are

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Jan 30

Android: Creating XML UIs

In the last article, Android: Your first Android Application, we created a simple login screen, but didn’t had time to go in deeper in the UI XML structure. In this article I will explain the basics of creating an UI via XML resource. I’ll use the XML file from previous example here.

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Jan 29

A sad day for Handsets: Apple awarded with Multi-Touch patent

A few days ago, Apple was awarded with the patent #7,479,949, titled "Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics". In other words, this means that there won’t be any handsets with Multi-Touch devices out of there other than Apple devices, at least in the U.S. This is especially …

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Jan 29

Android: Your first Android Application

Update: Small update for all of you who are not using Eclipse to develop their application, check out this Tutorial on how to compile Android Application without IDE.

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