Mar 09

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Android sales will outstrip iPhone by 2012

Market researcher at Informa Telecoms & Media predicted in a new report that Android sales will outstrip iPhone by the year 2012.

While the first iPhone devices hit the market in June 2007, Apples latest iPhone 3G hit the stores last July, only a few months before Google released the new Android open source OS platform and the first device supporting it the T-Mobile G1.

CNet also reports

However, London-based Informa believes Symbian’s switch to open source will help the Symbian Foundation maintain its leadership over Android, Linux, and Microsoft over the next few years.

Nearly 162 million smartphones were sold last year, surpassing laptop sales for the first time, according to Informa. The market researcher forecasts that smartphone penetration will reach 13.5 percent of new handsets sold this year and that the figure will reach 38 percent by 2013.

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